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Video: Gergiev spends his birthday in Finland, playing football

He is at the Mikkeli Festival and this is private footage of him playing something other than music…. with members of the Mariinsky Theatre and close friend, pianist Denis Matusev. The football, with Russian commentary, begins around 2:45. He does not win.
The shirt he’s wearing (with me) is an Arsenal gift. And here, from three years ago, is Matuev’s brilliant piano fantasy for his friend’s birthday. Beat that!

hat-tips: Denis, Vladimir Fanshil, Vesa Siren.

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  1. Rosana Martins says:

    I know nothing about football but they seems very intent in the game. Matsuev’s Happy Birthday is fabulous!

  2. Alessandro Piani says:

    Abdrazakov ( the singer ??) also take parts to the game ( and 2 young Gergeev….Maestro’s children??)

  3. squirrel says:

    He should now get sued pretty hard for copyright infringement


  5. Elizabeth Owen says:

    Gergiev’s birthday was on May 2nd and he seems to have been celebrating ever since!

    Matsuev’s camera work is not as good as his piano playing!

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