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Prominent US composer suffers ‘major medical incident’

The family of Stephen Paulus have just posted this statement on his website:

Paulus Publications is saddened to report that Stephen Paulus suffered a major medical incident on July 4, 2013, for which he is still being treated.
Stephen is currently stable, but at this time, the Paulus family requests privacy as they deal with this situation.
As more information about Mr. Paulus’ condition becomes available, we will keep our friends and customers updated.

Stephen, who is 63, is one of the most prolific and widely performed composers, as well as a powerful advocate for other US composers. His best-known work is the opera, The Postman Always Rings Twice.

We wish him a full and swift recovery.

Medical update here.


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  1. The Postman Always Rings Twice. Super sad news.

  2. Oh man. I just spent a week recording some of his recent works. What a nice man.

  3. He wrote the touchstone article on getting text permissions at NewMusicUSA –

    This has been a godsend in navigating legalities for years. Oh – and he writes great music too. Wish I new him better…

  4. This is sad – I am genuinely fond of his music and once performed in a premiere of one of his pieces. I am genuinely curious, though, as to the claim that he is “one of the most prolific and widely performed composers.” Just wondering what your source is on that.

    • Just wanted to say that your questioning of his position as “one of the most prolific and widely performed composers” is completely in bad taste. Please keep these thoughts to yourself.

  5. Allan J. Cronin says:

    My best wishes and prayers got to him and his family.

  6. Alison Pinsley says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with him and with his family.

  7. R. James Tobin says:

    Nice marimba accompaniment in Visions, the vocal piece here.

  8. Don VerKuilen says:

    My prayers with him. This is Sad news. I hope for a full recovery!!!

  9. What sad and alarming news. Wishing him a full and complete recovery – and for his family, strength and courage.

  10. Our prayers and healing vibes for this longtime friend and music-making colleague of LeRoy’s!

  11. James Forrest says:

    Mr.Paulus is one of the nicest men I have met, in or outside the world of music. I recall well the premiere of his beautiful opera: SUMMER, and love, also much of his other music, not least the 2 splendid violin concertos. Let us hope for a full recovery!!

  12. Mark T. Lundholm says:

    We were young graduate students at the University of Minnesota in the 1970′s. I guess he liked something about my emerging tenor voice and asked me to sing for his wedding and of a piece he had composed for the occasion. I was honored of course. I remember his music and also that he is very funny! I wish him full and speedy recovery and send all positive vibes.

  13. Valerie Errante says:

    Sending all good thoughts to him and his family.
    A wonderful man who has written some of my
    favorite songs. May you have a full and speedy

    • Ruth Spiegel says:

      Hi Valerir, I agree, Stephen is a wonderful man and an incredible composer.

  14. patti and Stephen,

    I am pulling for you and you doctors. Peace and strength to you.
    With love and fondest memories,
    sue Williams

  15. The are a number of Paulus’s music compositions that we sing regularly. If we had a core repertoire book, I’m sure that several of them would be there. I hope that he’ll be able to write many more.

  16. Louis Blois says:

    May Mr. Paulus continue to recover from his stroke. Notice of the incident is posted on his website:

  17. Frank Hudson says:

    Steven Paulus was a composer-in-residence at Annapolis Symphony when I worked there, and I was delighted to make the acquaintance of such a genuinely nice person. He was so generous with his time and so helpful and easy-going in his dealings with staff and the students he coached in composition. I actually ran into him on the street in front of Lincoln Center several years later, and he startled me by remembering my name and our work together. The world needs more people like him!

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