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Two years since maestro’s kidnapping, and still no word

On July 9, 2011, the Bremerhaven conductor Rodolfo Cazares was seized by Mexican bandits and held for ransom.

His family have paid the ransom several times over. His wife, Ludivine Barbier, is in despair.

ludivine rodolfo cazares

World media and maestros have done their best to raise the issue at the highest level. The Mexican government has displayed total indifference.

rodolfo anniversary

Rodolfo’s musicians are keeping the faith. Please try to support their efforts to keep up pressure on the Mexican authorities.

Sunday, 25th August 2013 at 7:30pm
Stadthalle Bremerhaven (City Hall Bremerhaven)
Tickets at the Ticket-Center, Stadthalle Bremerhaven and other ticket offices (Ticket service +49 471 59 17 59)
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  1. Gerald Robbins says:

    It’s a question of moral conscience: Would and could all foreign guest artists consider boycotting or putting off their planned travel to Mexico as invited performer-guest artists, whether they be conductors, soloists, ensembles, in whatever capacity whether in the classical music field or jazz-rock-popular music field, etc., until answers are given as to the whereabouts of this kidnapped Bremerhaven conductor, Rodolfo Cazares; and, that , hopefully his safe return to his family will be eventually underwritten and guaranteed by the Mexican government? This is a question of moral integrity, humanity, kindness, and compassion towards this artist and his immediate family, close relatives, and friends, who have been in deep despair over not knowing of his present existence, or of his health condition, and, most importantly, of his personal safety!!

  2. Dalia Máquez says:

    Hola, soy amiga de Rodolfo en el tiempo que él estudió música en Monterrey, México.
    Personalmente lo que este a mi alcance hacer, lo haré.
    No tengo indiferencia, me preocupa y deseo grandemente que esta situación se pueda esclarecer. Deseo grandemente que Rodolfo y su familia sigan con vida y pueda regresar a hacer lo que más ama: Dirigir una orquesta. Y disfrutar de nuevo de lo que nada ni nadie nos puede y tiene el derecho de quitarnos: la libertad.
    Rodolfo, fue un gran ejemplo para mi vida. Me enseñó a amar la música, a disfrutarla y a saber que si quieres alcanzar algo lo debes hacer con gran empeño y dedicación.

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