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Tragedy: young composer killed in air crash

Luis Fernando Rizo Salom, a Colombian composer who held residencies in Paris and Madrid, has died in a when the deltaplane he was piloting crashed in Gault-Saint-Denis, northern France. Sara Reynaud, his sporting companion, was seriously injured.

rizo-salom2                                                                                               deltaplane

Luis, 41, studied with Emmanuel Nunes and was composer in residence at Ircam and the Casa de Velasquez. Away from composing, he was 2011 French champion of delta flying. Our profound sympathies to his friends and family.

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  1. Benedict Weisser says:

    For a composer it’s young….

  2. I was especially surprised to read his age, because the picture makes him look about 25.

  3. Samahat al sayyed Nassralah says:

    …Too old to rock’n'roll but too young to die…
    no ?
    This is for tom moore.

  4. You clearly are either under 30 and still mistakingly thinking you are a long way from 40, or over 40 and quite pessimistic. 41 IS young especially for anyone to die. Such a horrible tragedy. I hope he was happy and enjoyed all his VERY short 41 years of life.

  5. Patricia says:

    It is not a picture which makes him look young, that is how he looked 10 years ago, that is how he looked a month ago. He was a very fine musician who also happened to practice a difficult sport as a champion, so it is not surprising.
    Maestro Lebrecht, with all due respect, you might think of closing the comments out of respect for this tragedy.

  6. What a terrible tragedy. Luis. Condolences to his
    family and friends. As for the idiots posting about
    how old or young he looked or was- have some respect. We’ve lost
    a great human being.

  7. Luis was a world class hang glider pilot (recently 4th on the world ranking). He was loved in our community, not only because of his skills but very much because of his personality as well.
    He indeed left us way too young.
    We’ll miss flying, competing and having a beer with him.
    Our condolences go out to his family, who are going through very tough times.

  8. I kindly remind you that loosing someone so precious and hearing comments about his age, outlook is not a respectful thing to do. Please consider before writing.

    Luis F. Rizo-Salom was a great musician and a great person who seemed to be ageless. He received so many prizes, awards as a musician and won championships as a hang glider. I can not imagine what his family is going through. Condolences to his beloved family, rest in peace my dear friend.

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