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This man mashes up Mozart

My Album of the Week on features the pianist and composer Timo Andres, taking apart a Mozart concerto as if he were under the bonnet of an under-performing motorbike.

Andres comes highly praised by New York critics. I’m waiting to hear more of him and less of deconstructed Mo.


Here’s how it goes. Check in at around 3:30.

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  1. John Soloninka says:

    Cool venue…love the way the orchestra is set….love the fact that the entire orchestra is less than 30 or so…(described as “a professional chamber orchestra and collective of the finest young artists today.”) Very accessible welcoming gig format.

    HOWEVER….just like the Gilles Apap cadenza to Mozart 3rd violin ….It veers too far from the original without seemingly intending to do so. Just sounds like bad Mozart. I would rather hear the pianists composition than his variation on Mozart….it just grates to my ear. Just so you don’t label me a luddite… I love the variations that Ysaye’s Obsession put on Bach’s Preludio…or Arvo Paert put on Mozart’s adagio….in the former, short quotes from Bach interspered with wonderful troubled tempestuous extrapolations…and in the latter, essentially Mozart, but with some erie, interesting and foreboding additions.

    To each their own…this is just not mine…but would love to hear his original works…and love the chamber orch!

  2. Will Robin says:

    It’s not a deconstruction or a mash-up; it’s very clearly Andres filling in the left hand part, which Mozart left mostly incomplete and probably improvised in performance. Andres adds his own cadenzas, as well. If you have issues with his style — a fully-composed, fully-realized version of an incomplete Mozart piece — then that’s fine. Robert Levin does it too, albeit from a musicological perspective. But don’t call it something that it’s not.

    • Wendell Rider says:

      And the interesting part of this is what? This is just pathetic. I am the worst piano player there is and this sounds like me trying to play the piece as it was written.

      “a fully-composed, fully-realized version of an incomplete Mozart piece” lol

      Sometimes things are just bad, and this is one of them. A total waste of time unless you are interested in how far people will go to ruin good music and satisfy their own egos.

  3. Martin Locher says:

    Ah, Mozart that doesn’t bore me to death. Nice.

    If you want to listen to all movements without looking for them, this is the playlist:

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