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This app can help you compose (they say)

It takes any tune you’re humming and turns it into full score. Here’s how. Let us know if it works.


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  1. Gary Carpenter says:

    A snip at €99.00

  2. David Hardie says:

    Who does a recording session in black tie?

  3. Nuno Ivo Cruz says:

    Now everyone can write music. Just think of all the dull melodies that have been lost for lack of minimal musical knowledge!

  4. Nandor Szederkenyi says:

    “Lidgard says the company’s ultimate goal is to reach the 250 million estimated amateur musicians around the world and allow them to bring their sounds to the masses.”
    Great! Now we’ll have even more junk :-(

  5. Michael J. Stewart says:

    If you need help to compose music should you be doing it in the first place?

  6. 1) I agree with Michael – the age of thinking the ability to write out music is uncool is so old. Education isn’t evil.

    2) Android phones have surpassed iPhones by several million over the last quarter. Way to reach that wide consumer base!

  7. Branimir says:

    1. Not €99.00, but $0.99. At least for iPhone.

    2. Agree with everything said above.

    3. Don’t worry, it simply doesn’t work. (Or my hearing left me completely without telling me.) The app is not able to memorize the simplest sequence right. At least when I was whistling or singing. Maybe it works better with an instrument. But only if it is in tune perfectly.

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