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These guys are Well Strung

Meet the hot crossover act, four guys in black shirts who segue from Mozart to Motown in the blink of a bow.


Credit them, at least, with picking a good handle.

So here’s the Slipped Disc challenge for the Weekend: Name a new all-male sporty string quartet.

Some examples to get you going:

The Fourward Line

Man City

Into the Last Four

That’s Out

Highly strung racquet


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  1. Fourplay
    Four on the Floor

  2. michael storrs says:


  3. PK Miller says:

    Why not just “The Highly Strung Guys!”

  4. Tribute to my wrestling backgound: The Gut Wrenchers

  5. Cheryl Anderson says:

    Handsome bunch, but not as talented as Charlie Siem or Fabio Machado, those are not only handsome but talented to boot!

  6. It must be asked.. says:

    How long before these guys sign to Deutsche Grammophon?

  7. Curly and the 3 Stooges.

  8. James Dean says:

    Any string players out there?. I am a viola player and looking for members for a new quartet [ WELL HUNG ] string quartet that will perform concerts naked. Please only men need apply!!

    • If you’re making the allusion I think you’re making, you should spell your screen name “James Deen”.

  9. Tim Walton says:

    Well Hung!

  10. Theodore McGuiver says:

    Four Play
    The Four Sk*** (Already the name of a skinhead punk group, so invalid, but still)
    The Strad Lads
    Male Bonding
    String Fellows
    The F-Holes

  11. Theodore McGuiver says:

    I meant The Four Strings, not, well, you know…

  12. Prewartreasure says:

    Opus 4.

  13. It’s impressive that they can sing that well and play at the same time.

    • What makes you think they are actually singing and playing at the same time? It’s not only unlikely, the video doesn’t even pretend, showing shots of the boys recording (or “recording”) their vocals individually and when not playing, which is what you’d would expect.
      It’s a good job they can sing decently, because the playing sure leaves a lot to be desired.

  14. robcat2075 says:

    Someone’s found a new angle and now everyone who didn’t think of it first is rushing to ridicule it.

    No, that’s way too long for a band name.

    How about “String Quartet in Gay Major”

  15. PS everybody, one of the results of the big push toward entrepreneurship in music education in the US is going to be a SPATE of middling-to-terrible new string quartets, vocal groups, and other ensembles of all sorts, almost all of which will have a cutesy name and an album cover showing them looking as sexy as possible.

  16. I like–music should not be too elitist.

  17. rio98765 says:

    So far I vote for the following:

    The Gut Wrenchers – perfect for a period instruments group.

    Four Play – Any number of either gender may apply. Perhaps a better name for a Sextet, if the pun still worked. There must be Variations for an Octet along the lines of Double the Fun, or, see below, A Double Serve?

    Highly Strung (Racquet) – Imagine the reviews. They write themselves, “ace new quartet plays Beethoven with lots of balls…” , “but what the deuce are they doing at bar 127, where they court disaster by…”, “volleys of notes, but they lose the rhythm”, “generally meet the challenge, but when it comes down to the line, their advantage can turn against them, and the nett effect is a loss of tension…” The possibilities are endless, and only get sillier…

    The Strad Lads – Nice, but they could be up for false advertising with Trade Practices, unless…

    The F-holes – prompts my sporty offering: “F-hole Surfers”.

    • The Gut Wrenchers really is perfect for a period group.

      The youngsters who are now graduating from Juilliard’s (long-overdue) historical performance program are forming a bunch of new ad hoc ensembles in New York. One of them ought to snatch up that name right away.

  18. George King says:

    The best name’s already been taken: Norway’s Quartetto Testosterone.

  19. Mr Lebrecht,

    why? Why do you do this to us?

  20. String Theory
    Otto Pallone
    Allegretto Scrota
    The Scherzo Sacs

    And thanks for starting my morning off with a laugh-filled exercise.

    • String Theory would be perfect for one of the new-generation alt-classical string quartets – the Spawn of Kronos (there’s another good name) – in NYC or California.

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