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The pianist and his pussycat… among other inspirations

1 Nelson Freire is known among pianists as the Lion of Rio. At home he’s more of a pussy-cat man, apparently (h/t Rosana Martins)

nelson freire cat

The cover pic by Eric Manas, was for Piano Magazine, December 2003.

2 Lunch with Orson Welles? Click here.

3 The Three Cantors – you’d better believe it.

4 A study of the US War of Independence. Read here.

5 More snappery: The Czech who loved women and never bought new lenses. Click here.


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  1. Nelson is also very much a dog man…and his dog is a music lover:

    • Rosana Martins says:

      It is true that Nelson has 3 boxers in Rio, where he has a garden. In Paris, he has Süss who also likes music.
      The dog in the documentary made about his life was called Danuza. Unfortunately, she is no longer in this world, but all his dogs are music lovers!

  2. Cats are amazing.

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