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The Daily Mail exposé you won’t see in the Mail

The snoop sheet published a story last month, suggesting that singer Amanda Palmer’s breast had ‘escaped’ from her bra while performing at Glastonbury.

Any newspaper with half a brain and a search engine would have taken no more than a minute to discover Ms Palmer’s exhibitionist tendencies (not to mention her cavalier attitude towards paying her fellow-musicians). However, the Mail is nothing if not thick and slow.

Ms Palmer responded last night with an open letter – and naked video (parental advisory) – that is both witty and apt about media attitudes to the bodies of women performers.




Dear Daily Mail,
It’s so sad what you tabloids are doing,
Your focus on debasing womens’ appearances
Devolves our species of humans,
But a rag is a rag, and far be it from me,
To go censoring anyone – oh no,
It appears that my entire body is currently
Trying to escape this kimono!

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  1. Amanda Palmer and the Daily Mail are made for each other. They are equally awful. Sad that all it takes to get attention is female nudity. Ask any stripper.

  2. John Hames says:

    I’ve never heard of her. (Though I can hear Glasto from my house!)

  3. Theodore McGuiver says:

    To this we’ve come.

  4. Gabor Fuchs says:

    Wow, I much preferred Ms Palmer s show to Herr Friedrich Gulda s performance!

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