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Awful news: Rising Italian violinist is dead, aged 24

We have been informed of the death yesterday of Carlotta Nobile, a phenomenally gifted and resourceful violinist.

At 24, she was artistic director of the Santa Sofia chamber orchestra in Benevento and the author of two published books. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with a melanoma, which recently spread to the brain. She was planning concerts as recently as April, but the cancer advanced too fast.

May she rest in blessed peace.

carlotta nobile

Here is a stanza from a poem that she wrote about her illness:

Ci sono battaglie che non abbiamo scelto. Poi c’é la vita. E io quella non smetterò mai di sceglierla. – Carlotta Nobile

And here is the facebook diary that she kept to bring hope to others.

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  1. Very very sad. We need those talents, and we that they stay with us as long as possible. They make this world better. RIP Carlotta.

  2. Tully Potter says:

    How sad. I didn’t know her playing but to lose someone at that age is something we can never afford, quite apart from her value as an artist.

  3. Michael J. Stewart says:

    This is terribly sad news. Rest in peace Carlotta.

  4. Richard P says:

    Wonderful player and a sad loss.

  5. Matteo Morroi says:

    Perché forse è nello scorrere del tempo,
    forse per me soltanto, che ti è permesso
    vivere, e ritrovarci.

    Rest in peace Carlotta

  6. In this last year which I knew Carlotta, I could only begin to realize the immensity of her wisdom and universal vision. We played together for Donatori di Musica at the Carrara Oncology ward-it was to be our first, not our last.. The beauty and profundity of her artistry was the greatest music-making I had ever experienced in all of my 70 years. We had spoken much about each other’s cancers, the joy to carry the cross-yes, there will be a resurrection!

  7. Elisabeth Matesky says:

    To the caring Family of Carlota Nobile…

    Hearing about your wonderful Carlota brought immediate tears having just lost my Mother, Betty. I tried to imagine my Mother, at age 24, young, vibrant, musically ‘in love’ with the piano and its mysteries… How my then 24 years of age Mothe would have felt/handled the ‘Cross’ your Carlota was forced to carry and endure? How my father, Ralph, would have missed the love of his life– taken so soon his inner sense of Momma would have been destroyed, causing severe depression for which no great psychiatrist could have helped because his dream wife and musical partner was taken before he could ever meet her… May God bless all of you at this dreadful time and bind up ravaged wounds over God’s time with a healing balm–incomprehensible to the naked eye and heart, but well known to Him… Being completely in sympathy with you, and her friends/ colleagues, please accept my deepest condolences upon your irreplaceable loss. May Carlota’s Bal Sham ring in the hearts of all violinists to pay tribute to one of our own, and one who played for an Oncology ward. Your Carlota knew the deep truths of Life and was prepared, spiritually, to part company with Earthly Life even with a lifetime here she would forego. With great sadness, A fellow Violinist in America… Elisabeth, daughter of the recently late Betty Matesky (née Blumberg)

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