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Shot of the day: The Stradivarius cakewalk

cardenes oliveira

Andres Cardenes, former Pittsburgh concertmaster now Distinguished Professor of Music at Carnegie Mellon University, tests the merchandise at the Stradivarius Competition with Elmar Oliveira, eminent soloist and the only American violinist to have won the Tchaikovsky Competition.

The Stradivarius Competition, in Salt Lake City, is a top-flight forum for young string players.

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  1. Thanks–music never dies. I met and had three meals with Ruggiero Ricci in Malaysia in 1999–
    a quiet and humble man-sorry to read he passed away last year.
    He talked about his contemporaries — his wife Julia told me and my wife that her husband met Einstein.

  2. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Obviously these distinguished artists don’t need chin rests. Thanks for not including the soundtrack, LOL.

  3. Nelson Armitano says:

    OLE!! .. If I din’t know these two great violinists, I would say they belong to a cast of the best ‘matadores’ ever produced in the bull rings of Spain.

  4. Gabor Fuchs says:

    Elmar Oliveira was my immediate neighbour in Washington Heights,Manhattan. My joy was indescribable listening to his heavenly playing. A great violinist and a very fine man!

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