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Named: the pianist in the software ad

Many readers commented favourably on a recent advert that we ran, featuring a live pianist and a Chopin Etude.


The pianist is a young Swiss artist, Alexander Boeschoten, and the software company AdNovum has 300 staff and is ceebrating its 25th anniversary.

More from Alexander:

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  1. PK Miller says:

    A bravura performance! On one hand, it seems more the commercialization of the arts, making the arts palatable to the masses. On the other hand, if it intrigues people to delve further into the piece, pianist, etc., then go for it. I remember a car commercial some time ago with a baby “singing” Largo El Factotum, calling out “Andiamo mama!” There was another commercial even further back using the Moonlight Sonata. But one can be too clever in that music/performance/gimmick may eclipse the product you are selling. Two good examples: the Kraft commercial with the kindergarten (?) kids, Lauren Nebowski and, of course, the young man declaring, “My name is ‘Thoowah!’” (Thor). And the long-running GEICO commercial with the talk show host. It got everyone talking about the “talk show host,” but GEICO somewhat forgotten. (GEICO lately seems to have gone off the deep end but that’s another issue altogether, beyond the purview of Slipped Disc!)

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