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Respect: Leonard Cohen reschedules Yom Kippur tour

There was dismay when British Jews learned that the Candian balladeer would be playing his tour on the holiest nights of the Jewish year. Cohen, born Jewish but ordained as a Buddhist monk, heard their prayer and changed the dates. Hallelujah! The JC is delighted.



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  1. my Papa wore a Borsalino just like Cohen’s. Hat tip for the rescheduling on Yom Kippur.

  2. Mary Finnigan says:

    As far as I know Leonard Cohen was never ordained as a Buddhist monk. hHe was deeply involved with Zen Buddhism for several years — but as a lay person.

    • Peter R. says:

      I think you are right, Mary. He spent nine years living and studying (and being the personal assistant to the roshi) at the temple on Mt. Baldy, but I had not heard that he was actually ordained.

  3. Peter R. says:

    I’m actually quite surprised LC planned to play on those nights. While he adopted Zen Buddhism it is very clear that he didn’t give up Judaism–it pervades so much of his work.

  4. thank God for Leonard Cohen’s respect for our Jewish faith. He reminds me of Raoul Wallenberg, another man who respected Judaism so deeply that he went to save 100,000 Jews in Hungary during the Holocaust. It has been my life’s work as a human rights lawyer to try and rescue hero Wallenberg from the Soviet Union.
    Please read more in “Whatever Happened to Raoul Wallenberg?” a controversial but popular book
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