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Renee gets her gong

renee obama

It’s the Medal of Arts and Humanities.

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  1. PK Miller says:

    Richly deserved honor for a classy lady!

    • Marguerite Foxon says:

      Agree 100%. She is a great ambassador for classical music and opera especially.

  2. ruben greenberg says:

    Question: Who is the only US president in recent times to have taken any interest in Classical music?
    Answer: Jimmy Carter. As for the others, it was all country and western or pop music.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Wrong. Off the top of my head I can tell you that Richard Nixon increased arts funding in the US more than any other US President in recent history. He was also a classical pianist and composer. Many many other US presidents have been accomplished musicians, dating back to John Quincy Adams who was an avid flutist. Just research it. It’s astounding how many US presidents have been closely involved in the world of classical music. There is even a website listing the makes of grand pianos every US president owned.

      Jimmy Carter? I had no idea about his interest in classical music, but he is one of MANY US presidents with this interest.

  3. Good for Renee, I guess. As for the rest of us, the things he hangs around our necks every day are assuredly not honors.

  4. She has not only one of the most beautiful voices of our time (Christa Ludwig even said the most beautiful of our days) but she has style, class and is by far the most intelligent among her peers! AND if she sings with a great conductor like Christian Thielemann you once more get the understanding why the conductor is most important! Congratulations dear Renée, you deserve it more than anyone else! You are a true artist!

  5. Kenneth Patchen says:

    How wonderful … for Ms. Fleming, for Opera, for classical music in general.
    Bravo to the Obama administration for its smarts and sophistication. Mr. Greenberg is correct in stating that recent presidents  had a preference for c/w or pop but it’s only fair to remember that Clinton, who liked his Stones and tried to broker a Led Zepplin reunion, was a jazz aficionado who also liked John Williams and the North Texas Wind Sympony.

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