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Placido Domingo latest: out of hospital in 3-4 days

Placido Domingo’s son Alvaro announced today that his father hopes to leave hospital in 3-4 days, after suffering a blood clot on his lung. He will convalesce in Madrid for at least three weeks. He aims to be fit for a Salzburg date in August, but is making no firm commitment.

You can listen to his statement here. UPDATE, July 14 here.

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  1. I wish Placido Domingo well after his recent health scare. I see no reason why he should not go on singing as he is still in good baritonal voice, but he should take it a lot easier from now on.

    • We all wish Sr. Domingo well, however, keep in mind, a pulmonary embolism (PE) is one of the most serious conditions anyone can experience. The lung becomes damaged and will take time to heal. Having had two DVTs in my life, though, thankfully no PEs, I can tell you that everything changes – he may need to be on blood thinners for a long time to avoid this type of event occurring, again. Be patient and pray that Sr. Domingo’s lung heals and that he is able to maintain his amazing breath control which feeds his gorgeous voice. Singing is a terribly physical process and the body needs to be well in order to perform. Patience is needed.

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