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Opera Australia: now the chef quits

We don’t normally report restaurant affairs, but this was one of the most agreeable opera house restaurants in the world.

Sydney chef Guillaume Brahimi says he can’t get on any more with the Opera Australia Trust. They’ve put the resto up for tender.

Read all about it.

sydney opera

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  1. MontroseFrancophile says:

    This is sad news indeed, as the SOH has benefited from having such a fine restaurant onsite, led by a very charismatic and charming chef…

    However, in the interests of accuracy and clarity, Guillaume Brahimi’s issue appears to be with the “Sydney Opera House Trust” (or simply the “Opera House Trust” as is reported in the SMH article that is linked to by NL). This is the organization which runs the whole SOH site, and does not appear to have anything at all to do with “Opera Australia”. I think that it would only be fair to change the headline “Opera Australia: now the chef quits” as it implies something that appears to actually have nothing to do with Opera Australia!

    I’m not sure that many people outside of Australia will understand the very clear distinction between the Sydney Opera House Trust and Opera Australia, but the former manages the whole SOH site for the NSW government (which includes multiple venues, bars, restaurants, and also presents concerts under its own banner) and the later is the national opera company that presents seasons primarily both in Sydney (at the SOH) and in Melbourne (at the Arts Centre Melbourne). They are two completely separate entities.

    If anyone is interested, here are links to both the SOHT and OA:

    At least one can still dine at Aria and Quay, and a host of other quite fine restaurants close to the SOH, although Guillaume does have a very special charm! Let’s hope that the bistro that next occupies the site will be a welcome culinary addition to this wonderful venue.

  2. tgjolley says:

    the term “Öpera-Australia” miss-represents the state of affairs, Sydney Opera would be more accurate. Australia is better served by HD film and DVD from overseas.

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