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One in three takes orch’s early retirement offer

The St Paul Chamber Orchestra, which was locked out for much of the past season, has offered early retirement to all players over 55. The plan is to shrink the orch from 34 to 28 players and cut base salaries by $15,000.

It has been announced that ten musicians are taking the deal. All are veterans of 31 to 44 years in the SPCO. Here’s the list.

New players will be hired on lower pay.

st paul

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  1. According to a correction on the Minn. Public Radio website, new hires will be paid the same salary:

  2. Mark T. Lundholm says:

    What a tragedy for a once world class organization. Conversations with local orchestral professionals here in the Chicago area about SPCO were positive and that it was a highly desired organization with which to play. Now, with their best players leaving for better paying positions and an incompetent and arrogant management one is left to wonder who will now audition for these new positions and how long will they stay? Will it be a second rate training orchestra for better options or even continue to exist!

    The management and board of directors should be fired.

    And I haven’t even begun to discuss what’s happening with the Minnesota Orchestra!

    • Yes, it’s no longer a “destination” orchestra but instead a farm team. And given Gen Y/Millenial career attitudes (which, given the economic climate, are only common-sense), it will continue to be so and I would bet that will come as a surprise to Coppock et. al. Many audience members have had enough – one of the reasons we attended is because of the individual musicians and the ensemble sound.

  3. Good thing they had that extra $3 million sitting in a separate organization for this . . .

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