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NY orch ups profile with online pics and video of every single musician

There’s a minor revolution going on at the Mostly Mozart Festival at Lincoln Center. Maybe not so minor.

Taking an idea from conductor Louis Langrée, the festival has posted pictures and biographies of every player in the orchestra on its website, along with video clips of several of them, talking and playing. See them all here.

It’s the first time in decades that a US orch has played up its all-star quality. The festival orch is a pick-up band. Permanent orchs would do well to match it, pic for pic.burmeister_evadibellocobb_timothyfinkelshteyn_Ilya

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  1. This is fantastic. All to often the players feel undervalued and underappreciated. Like day labourers easily discarded for others at someones whim. More of this PLEASE!!!

  2. richardcarlisle says:

    YES! … should be mandated for every professional orchestra worldwide….BRAVO!!!

  3. The Berliner Philharmoniker has been taking this kind and fair approach for years.

  4. Emil Archambault says:

    Question: how many people really go and look at the biographies of the musicians? In Montreal, most concert-goers at the OSM have trouble telling an oboe from a clarinet, let alone knowing who wits behind the said woodwind. So is it really worth the effort?

    • Emil Archambault says:

      That should read “who sits behind the said woodwind”.

      • I do, not all of them, and certainly not if they are just a list of orchestras, venues and conductors, but if they say something interesting about the artist(e) as a person, then I am very keen to read.

  5. An excellent idea. give a face and personality to the orchestra, and voila! An audience is born. Music takes on a life or its own, and has deeper meaning when its about relationship.

  6. what next, an SI calendar?

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