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Now fraudster’s agency loses its Asia chief

They just keep on leaving IMG Artists. Here’s today’s tip from the top:


mindy coppin

Message from Jerry Inzerillo

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you have been enjoying your summer.  It has been an important season for our growth here at IMGA, especially with the arrival of Lorna and Kristin.  Together, we are implementing plans that will continue to benefit our company, our artists, our other clients – and each of us as part of the IMGA team.  However, I would like to share with all of you that Mindy Coppin has decided to resign from her position as Managing Director of Asia.  Meera Vijayendra has been promoted to General Manager – Asia, and I am delighted that Meera and the rest of the Singapore team will continue to produce their great work as usual.

Mindy has been an extremely valued and successful member of our team and a dear colleague.  We look forward to finding opportunities where we may work together again in the future though, so I like to think of this as

arrivederci, not goodbye.

On behalf of all of IMG Artists, I thank Mindy for her years with the company, commend her excellence and leadership and wish her all the very best in her futureendeavors.

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  1. Piers Hellens says:

    Norman, she didn’t leave IMG Artists. [redacted: defamation] Her books made it look like
    she was earning more for the company than she did and once discovered, she summarily resigned. It’s somewhat
    amusing looking at all of this that with all these supposed powerhouses leaving, none of the major artists have!
    Interesting times. PH

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