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New video: Lang Lang ….’I’m playing in the rain’

Here’s what he writes:

I had an incredible experience playing an outdoor concert at “West Lake” in Hangzhou (Eastern China). Halfway through the concert, it began pouring rain and a tarp was brought out to cover the piano and me. The crowd got soaked but they stayed and cheered me on through the concert and several encores. I actually loved playing in the rain and was inspired by the beauty of nature and the crowd’s perseverance.

On this video: Liszt’s “La Campanella”, Chopin’s Waltz and Chopin’s “Ocean” Etude (very fitting!!)


Next year, he can play at Wimbledon.lang lang rain

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  1. Do we have a “Langnam Style” video yet?

    • Nora Strumello says:

      I wonder whether classical music lovers can appreciate that, I mean, Gangnam Style & Langnam Style. I can imagine that, crazy and deranged

  2. At 7:27 LOL!

  3. On second thought, the man is formidable.

  4. MARY SOILEX says:

    nein!! IST a hoax!! HE KNOW what he ist doin und it aint serious.

    ein artist?? NEIN!! he wants watt he wanats und it is publicity.

    he dunt know watt it ist to suffer.

    nein..he aint no schnabel.

  5. Mike Schachter says:

    If classical music has a future it will increasingly be in China, Korea and Japan.

  6. joe salerno says:

    What a hoot! And the Ocean Etude. Should have played “Blue Danube” I think…

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