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Music biz beware: Diva posts fan pic as her new album cover

Never ask Joyce DiDonato to sing My Way. She does it naturally, practically every day.

Her newest organic act is to use a picture taken by a fan as the cover of her next album, itself selected online by her community of fans. It’s a simple gesture, and one that renders the entire music industry effectively redundant. Selection, editorial and design are fan-controlled.

Here’s Joyce’s message:

I have the GREAT pleasure and honor to unveil the cover image for ‪#‎ReJOYCE‬ ~ the “best of” album produced by YOU, my amazing fans. Here’s the best part about this cover: the beautiful photograph is taken by Xenia Varelas, a long-time fan and occasional photographer of curtain calls. She has always generously shared her photos with many singers, but this shot from Baden Baden just seemed to capture the mood of ReJOYCE perfectly, that it simply had to be. Thank you, Xenia!

Ladies and Gents: ReJOYCE:


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  1. She’s one in a million!

  2. James Brinton says:

    Glad to be
    From KC

    • Scott Colebank says:

      Locals know she is from Prairie Village, Kansas, but I suppose “KC” is close enough

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