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Medical update on stricken composer

The family of Stephen Paulus, who was taken ill on the fourth of July, has posted a sombre update on his condition. 

We’re deeply saddened to report that Stephen Paulus suffered a stroke on July 4, 2013. He’s currently in critical but stable condition at a hospital in the Twin Cities.

At this time, information about his future recovery is still unclear. The family appreciates everyone’s support, but have requested privacy while they cope with this situation.

Our prayers and good wishes are with his loved ones.


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  1. Jack L. Yohay says:

    This sombre news was sent to me by Janet Horvath. I add prayers and wishes for a speedy, complete recovery, along with–relevant or not–the news just received that stroke victim (as of perhaps two months ago) Simon Elmaleh has reopened his Moroccan restaurant in Los Angeles.

  2. William Renfroe says:

    This is very sad new…. Stephen is probably one of the most performed American choral composers in our country today….. He is also one of the kindest, and most inspirational music figures I know…. My musical family will pray for a full, and speedy recovery…..

  3. H. L. Smith, II says:

    This is most sad news, indeed!
    Keeping both Stephen & his family in prayre, Alway.
    His contribution to my {our} art is endless!

  4. Janis Mattox says:

    I am terribly shocked to hear this news. Stephen and I have been close friends/musical buddies since 9th grade. We just a wonderful visit one afternoon in April. I hope this site will be updated soon with his status.
    Sending love and healing vibes.

  5. Very sad news…hope he is on the mend soon…

    • Mark Greenfest says:

      I didn’t realize that Stephen Paulus had a stroke, as I was in a hospital myself. To be comotose this long is very tragic. It seems like a short time ago I last saw him with his son at Julliard. Although many people do recover from strokes – I had volunteered in a swim program when I was young and watched people regain lost faculties, its not good to be comotose for this length of time.

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