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Marin Alsop’s replacement is Hartford’s Carolyn

One maestra’s misfortune is another’s opportunity.

When Marin Alsop hurt her wrist in a Brazilian hotel room, the call went out for a replacement, both in Sao Paolo and in her Cabrillo Festival in Califormia. Step up Carolyn Kuan, music director of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. Release here. Careful, mind your balance.


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  1. Rgiarola says:

    In São Paulo she will replace Alsop in just few concerts, since others will be replaced by Roberto Tibiriça and Celso Antunes including the winter festival at Campos do Jordão. I’ve never see Carolyn before and maybe it is going to be the chance to do it. I wanna see her in action before any opinion.

  2. São Paulo, not Paolo, if you’re going to translate the last name, then translate the entire term, St. Paul, San Paolo, or the original, São Paulo.

  3. Why do you insist on using the term Maestra for a female conductor? It’s Maestro also for the ladies. Ask any Italian, they’ll laugh at your use of Maestra, which means school marm… In Italian you don’t call a female legislator Ministra, it’s always Ministro. Maestra is wrong.

    • If you need to call people out whenever you hear them incorrectly use a foreign term that’s been colloquially absorbed into English, you are going to spend a LOT of time calling people out.

  4. Is there a reason you omitted the other substitute conductor, Brad Lubman? The article says there are two, and they are each doing half the Festival.

  5. acoustictourist says:

    Wow! This article is a pedant’s Nirvana.

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