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Learn to read the Soviet way – with rude letters (parental advisory)

Ross Wolfe in The Charnel House has brought to light a 1931 Soviet manual, designed to attack the blight of adult illiteracy across Stlani’s empire. We reproduce below one of the less offensive images. The book is indicative of a struggle for the soul of Communism between the libertarian wing of free thought and free love and the repressive, tragically victorious ascendancy of genocidal Stalinism that repressed all cultures except social realism.

Read and see more here. Look away if you prefer not to see the image, which is modelled on Greek antiquity.


soviet erotica

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  1. Theodore McGuiver says:

    Has Michael Gove seen this?

  2. Skripach says:

    Alas no. The universal consensus in the comments on the original is that this is not a “1931 Soviet manual”, and is either a recent fake or was produced in pre-Soviet times early in the 20th century, when erotic drawings (though illegal) circulated relatively freely. The only Soviet possibility is the slim chance that the artist did these to amuse himself, and kept them locked up in a drawer somewhere.

    One absolutely clear sign that it is definitely not a Soviet production, independent of the erotic content, is the fact that the alphabet includes letters such as “fita” (Greek theta) that were removed from the Russian alphabet in the major orthography reform that took place right after the 1917 revolution. No way a Soviet literacy manual would have included those letters.


  3. Gabor Fuchs says:

    The illiterate Hungarian adult population of my home town – Beregovo,Soviet Union-would have rushed to
    learn Russian if this alphabet would have been available in 1950 s and 60 s.!

  4. Greg Hlatky says:

    Are there still people who subscribe to the notion that there was a “good” Communism that lost out to the “repressive, tragically victorious ascendancy of genocidal Stalinism”? The dupes and useful idiots of the 1920’s and 1930’s may have had an excuse, but with today’s knowledge no one can now doubt that Stalinism, far from being a perversion of Leninism, was its natural evolution. Similarly, countries with no Stalin – Mao’s China, the North Korea of the Kims, the Cambodia of the Khmer Rouge – are also notorious for mass murder, famine and punishing want, except of course for the Nomenklatura.

    Given the complete and utter failure of Marxism as a political system, it’s rather quaint to see its remaining adherents existing in universities, sort of like having professors researching Ptolmaic epicycles or scientists still studying the luminiferous aether. Except that belief in epicycles and the aether didn’t kill 100 million people.

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