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Just in: Toronto recovers its stolen Steinway

The Mounties have got their missing grand, but not their man. Read the happy ending here.

steinway toronto

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  1. How the heck can a Boston be “hulking”? They don’t grow them that big, do they?

  2. Boston pianos do come in a 7′ model. For most people, that’s hulking.

    But a Boston is not a Steinway. It’s made by Kawai in Hamamatsu. The Boston is a fine piano, built to a moderate price point. Any claims of Steinway DNA are advertising points for the gullible.

    • Agreed that 7′ is big. I have a (real) Steinway B which is just shy of 7′ and it is a beautiful beast. However,the article said that it was a baby grand. Baby grands are not over 5’10, in fact are usually smaller. So…”hulking ” doesn’t apply in my opinion. And you are correct, a Boston is not a Steinway. It’s a Stein-maybe!

      • People who are not familiar with the piano often haven’t a clue that the term “baby grand” is imprecise at best. The un-cognoscenti frequently use the term to describe everything short of a 9′ concert grand.

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