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Jonas Kaufmann gets kammered in Munich

The tenor was named a Bavarian Kammersänger in his home town today. In leather. Read more here.

jonas kaufmann

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  1. Ignacio Martínez-Ybor says:

    I wish the Met would issue in Blu-ray its wonderful new production of Parsifal with Jonas Kaufmann, René Pappe, Katarina Dalayman, Petter Mattei, cond. by Daniele Gatti. I was lucky enough to go twice. I’d like to see it in my permanent library.

    • Musician says:

      It’s on YouTube

      • The fabulous Met Parsifal will be released on Blu-Ray & DVD in September…on Sony. I am counting the days.

        Some sources also reporting that the Baverian Opera Il Trovatore, despite earlier statements to contrary, is also scheduled for DVD.

    • Arabella says:

      Ignacio, maybe this is what you are looking for?

    • I agree. I have emailed the Met more than once pleading with them to at least archive it, but with no reply. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. The only possibility might be that if they record from the live feed, that was a bit screwed up March 2nd because of sun spots.

    • Fabio Fabrici says:

      it’s René Pape, not Pappe. Pappe in German means cardboard.

      • Martin Locher says:

        Papperlapp or in other word: it’s not really important to point out a spelling error.

        • Fabio Fabrici says:

          Papperlapapp, with names it’s very important to know the correct spelling.

          • Martin Locher says:

            It’s not as important as you think. A Google search for Rene Pappe easily leads you to the non-cardboard opera singer.

          • Fabio Fabrici says:

            OK, if being able to type “something” for search in google is your reference for linguistic proficiency, then I have to rest my case. We are doomed… ;)

    • Donna Swan says:

      I am with Mr. Fabrici. I HATE seeing words misspelled, esp. names. I hate to see standards for spelling, grammar
      go ‘down the tubes’ as we say in USA. But I have a feeling Fabio and I are of a certain age when things like that mattered. :)

  2. PK Miller says:

    Ausgezeitnet!!! The more I hear Herr Kaufmann the more I LIKE what I hear. With the other tenor who also appeared in the Met Ring, the future of Wagner and Wagnerian singing–dass ist mir sehr wichtig–very important to me–sorry I don’t know how to create an esset in this format–is assured. Deb Voight is really not a Hochsopran but she has superb technique & musicianship, knows how to maximize what she sings without ever forcing her tone. This is not “easy” music–nothing of Wagner is–except, perhaps, Wolfram in Tannhauser.

    Along with Ignacio above I’d like to see the Parsifal as well as the entire Ring made available at least on DVD if not Blue-Ray (I haven’t gotten to that level of technology, yet. I’m still using a VCR to tape things!) I was not enamored of the production of Parsifal. I wish people would stop updating things, moving them to the modern era (I’m seeing the movie version of Much Ado tonight and I’ll comment later!) e.g. A Ring a decade or so ago with the Valkyries as “ladies of the evening!” I’d like to hear Jonas in Tristan where I made my debut in a concert performance at age 18. (It was Tristan not Parsifal. My sister found the program and even at age 70, I don’t argue with big sister!!!) Congratulirich Jonas! Well-deserved honor!

    • Michael Schaffer says:

      As an enthusiastic amateur linguist, I tried hard to figure out what language the words “Ausgezeitnet”, “Hochsopran”, and “Congratulirich” come from. They do look kind of German, but they really aren’t. They aren’t Dutch either. I give up – what language is it?

      • Fabio Fabrici says:

        also “Tannhauser” is a new musical, the libretto is a mix of the stories of Tannhäuser and Kaspar Hauser, a heartwarming success on broadway, with German subtitles.

        Find the Umlaut!

        On an Apple Keyboard, press alt-u, then a, o, or u.

        • Martin Locher says:

          what is this? a spelling competition? don’t you have anything better to do?

      • PK Miller says:

        It should be Ausgezeichnet — excellent. Congratulirich zum Gebortstag = Happy Birthday–literally, Congratulations on your birthday.Mein Vater has mir das vor vielen jarhen gehlert. My dad–from Schweigerjn Germany–taught me that years ago! I misspelled the first word & didn’t catch it. I don’t have a German spellchecker either on Explorer or even Word. And God knows where my German-English dictionary is. About a 1/2 dozen books & CDs seem to have been left behind 6 weeks ago in moving, including the Opera Dictionary that has saved my sorry dupa on many occasions. A Hochsopran is a Wagnerian soprano the female equivalent of a Heldentenor or Heldenbariton. Why she’s not called a “Heldensopran I don’t know. I never thought to ask my teachers millennia ago! If anyone knows feel free to reply herein!

    • Emil Archambault says:

      The MET Ring is both on DVD and Blu-Ray already.

      Well done for Herr Kaufmann – I talked to some people who loved his Lohengrin last week.

  3. Martin Locher says:

    What I actually came for is to congratulate Norman on the headline. It put a smile on my face.

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