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First it was a string quartet on the beach, now it’s a lending library

Tel Aviv beach is trying to be the world’s most cultured sunspot.

We told you a few weeks ago about this.

tlv violin

Now read this. 


beach library

photo (c) Danielle Ziri

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  1. Trumpetmaster says:

    I have seen the same thing in Spain (beaches with libraries, libraries in Madrid’s Underground), in Mexico, and in Holland. It’s a great city, but nothing new in Tel Aviv…

  2. Gabor Fuchs says:

    A few years ago after attending an excellent concert with a Russian star violinist playing the Tchaikovsky violin concerto in Heichal Hatarbut,Tel Aviv, I was surprised to listen to the same concerto on the street corner of the H.H. In an almost equally superb performance played by a street musician!

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