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England gets a woman on its £10 note

The new governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has announced a plan to put more women (aside from the Queen) on the currency.

The first is

Jane Austen banknote

photo: Bank of England

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  1. Gary Carpenter says:

    Jane Austen yes, but please God not Thatcher. – except possibly on a £50 note which nobody uses much and is the preferred denomination for money laundering…

  2. Tully Potter says:

    Obvious choice, but none the worse for that.

    Ethel Smyth next!


  3. Cassie Raymond says:

    How can I get one in the United States?

    • Eulalie Cholmondeley says:

      go to a currency exchange or travel to the UK for holiday.

      • Cassie Raymond says:

        Don’t I wish I could travel there–that’s my dream, but finances won’t allow that. I’ll have to find a currency exchange. Thank you!

  4. Ruth Stannett says:

    For how long will the old £10 notes remain in circulation as the new ones with pic of Jane Austen are introduced?

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