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Coq au plinth in Trafalgar Square

It’s not the only angle today but you can see what Fox are getting at.coq au plinth

Slightly distorted image: Fox News

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  1. Given that it’s FOX News I’m surprised they didn’t digitally paint the chicken red and then blame our President for its presence somehow.

  2. It’s beautiful; a wonderful, intense blue that looks great against the usual grey London skies (present, unusual, weather excepted).
    Just wait for the chorus of disapproval from the unimaginative half-wits who would prefer a bronze sculpture of some long-dead worthy.

  3. Mark Shulgasser says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, n’est-ce pas? Anyway, Fox News got it right. The artist’s point is to indicate the belief that public monuments, especially those commemorating individuals, are fundamentally phallic, and to undermine the asinine pride of the authoritarian ego. It also seems, unfortunately, a raspberry at the very idea of talent. Incidentally, if you split that purple Wagner statue in half vertically I think you find an intended Nazi salute!

    • Couldn’t agree more about the symbolism. Fritsch is a vigorous feminist and her point is well made here, just yards from Nelson on his massive phallus.
      Disagree with your comment about it being ‘a raspberry at the very idea of talent’ though. The form and detail of the bird is beautifully rendered, and the colour (reminiscent of Klein blue) is gorgeous. But, as you say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’… as is interpretation.
      I think many will think it is just good fun, and why not?

      • Mark Shulgasser says:

        I think the form and detail of the bird, including the matte finish, far from being ‘beautifully rendered’ (irony understood) is intended to evoke kitchy mass-produced bisqueware. The reference to International Klein Blue is a nod to the nostalgia of multi-cultural alternatives and the dreamy escapism of the Kleinian project. The entire gesture is British leftism at its most jejune.

  4. Rosalind says:

    If this rather handsome blue chicken provokes us to discuss him, then I reckon the whole purpose of the 5th Plinth project has been a great success.

  5. Theodore McGuiver says:

    What’s all this about? Have I missed something?

  6. Theodore McGuiver says:

    More significantly: Do I care? No.

  7. It’s a nonsense and irrelevant. Any admirers must miss the point of the King’s new clothes story.

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