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Child in the house? Sell the cello…

We spotted a  notice by Alison Wrenn that she was selling her fine French cello. It’s a stunner, of good pedigree. So we asked her why. Here’s what she wrote.

ally cello

Why I am Selling My Cello by Alison Wrenn

It’s always difficult to part with a beloved instrument, but it’s worse to hold on to it knowing that somebody else would get more benefit from it. This cello that I have decided to sell was bought for me over 10 years ago when I was at university and it got me through a degree recital that included the last movement of Haydn’s D major concerto – the dizzy heights of which I will never achieve again (I didn’t play it particularly well at the time…)

I love playing the cello and it will always be a big part of my life (so don’t worry, I’m not giving up!), but my focus now is on making a career as a composer, and with a small child around I have to prioritise my free time, so cello practice doesn’t get a look in. I still play in two orchestras, a string quartet, a cello ensemble and a flute/cello duo, and my spare cello and bow are perfectly good enough for this.

We’re moving house next week, which is what prompted the decision. The new house has a bigger garden and I’d love to have a garden office/music studio/composing retreat built. Unfortunately this costs quite a lot of money, so whoever buys the cello will be enabling me to have a place to write music. Seems like a fair trade to me.

I also have quite a lot of sheet music for sale. I’ve kept a fair bit, but the books on the list are either much too difficult for me now (not sure what I was thinking when I bought the Rococo Variations) or books that I used during a brief stint as a cello teacher.

So please take a look at the link, ask any questions you may have, and please forward to anyone who may be interested!


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