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Chancellor Merkel cuts Wagner’s birthday cake

All together now: for he’s a jolly good fellow….merkel bayreuth2

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  1. Well, as if we in the UK would have David Cameron cutting a similar cake, with great & good in attendance (I assume that’s who they are!), for Britten’s centenary. Greetings from das Land ohne Musik!

    • I remember hearing Chancellor Merkel being interviewed some years ago by Bavarian Radio as she was on her way into the Festpielhaus and was struck – not surprised – that she as going as a Wagner-fan rather than as Chancellor (although I suspect her position made getting tickets a little easier!). Browsing, I found the following fascinating extract of an interview with her in 2005:-

  2. Would the British pols be seen cutting Shakespeare.s…..or would that be too elitist ?

  3. I think the last term you could apply to Wagner is that he was a jolly good fellow.

  4. Rosalind says:

    Anyone know if our Great Leader David Cameron has ever been sighted at the Proms. No, the Last Night doesn’t count…

  5. Britain is becoming a cultural vacuum – mainly because of a peculiar inverted snobbery that pervades politics and education. In general, people born after 1970 have little idea of what classical music is and have never heard of Wagner never mind Benjamin Britten. Thank goodness the Germans see it differently.

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