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Carlotta Nobile: ‘There is an afterwards you will never stop fighting for….’

The family of Carlotta Nobile, who died this week aged 24, have asked us to post the following translated text from her cancer diary:

carlotta nobile3

She was beautiful, she was smart, she was a very talented musician and a very gifted writer.

She was Carlotta Nobile and she died two days ago.


And outside everything keeps going on the way it used to be, because you decided to act like this, because in your daily life you tend not to talk too much about it. Because you absolutely don’t want other people to see as a weakness the fight which you consider to be your greatest strength. Because you don’t want to be pitied, or treated as a sick person. Because the truth is that you don’t feel like a sick person, because you feel much stronger and braver and more resolute then you’ve ever been. Because you want to prove first of all to yourself that you can even suffer from IV stadium metastatic melanoma but LIVE. Live all joys, projects, sorrows, tears that life gives you every single day.

Because there’s an Afterwards you’ll never stop fighting for. Because nobody can keep you away from the certainty that – despite all the scars, sugeries, needles in veins, tests, contrast liquids, therapies and sorrows – there’s a unique happiness waiting for you, there’s your greatest dream which keeps looking at you from the future and can’t wait to reach you. Because you know that all you’re living now will be given back to you.

Because you clearly feel that the way you now have to look at life could have been reached just through this sorrow.”


Carlotta Nobile’s website ‘Il cancro e poi’ – Cancer and Afterward, from Roots to Wings.

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  1. John Borstlap says:

    Beautiful. Utter misery invokes the spiritual in (sensitive) people. It is not the duration of life but its intensity that counts.

  2. Heartbreaking and beautiful. Condolences to her family.

  3. very beautiful and very profound – heartfelt condolences to Carlotta’s family.
    Carlotta’s wisdom is something to treasure and a gift to remember.

    • David Baltuch says:

      In reading Carlottas’ words I cannot help thinking of Mahler’s Resurrection. What a terrible fate and what a courage facing it!!!

  4. Riposa in pace

    Sei nelle alte sfere musicali

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