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Andris Nelsons: health update

The Birmingham, Bayreuth and Boston conductor is still in hospital in Bavaria today, being monitored for concussion. He has been overwhelmed by good wishes from all three Bs and from many other corners of the world.

There is no indication yet when he will be let out. Our medical correspondent says German hospitals tend to take more precautions in cases like this than British or American ones. Nonetheless, we hear he’s in good spirits and wish him a swift recovery.

No mention has been made of the accident on either his website or his Facebook page.

Andris Nelsons

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  1. Speedy recovery, AN. Sox need pitching.

  2. Frank-Michael Fischer says:

    According to my reliable sources Andris Nelsons got hit by a stage door during a Bayreuth rehearsal.

  3. Well i was warned when i worked in a Bayreuth-area opera Haus last season by a stage hand: no matter what, be SUPER super SUPER careful around the stage : he was SO serious when he told me, too, and took an air of complete and total morbidity: the problem is that when the lights go down before or after a rehearsal, it is completely dark, and there are pitfalls …

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