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Airlines threaten musicians with new carry-on charges

NPR reports that US airlines are charging $25-35 for checked-in baggage on domestic flights. One wants $100 for a single carry-on bag if you fail to book it on the airline’s website. It’s the new air scam – and musicians are prime targets.¬†¬†Read here.

frontier air

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  1. Timon Wapenaar says:

    US airlines? You mean like Southwest? And if I pay them their $30, do they promise to keep the wheels attached to the plane?

  2. As far as I’m aware, Frontier and Spirit are the only airlines that have carry on bag fees. Frontier is a dying budget airline, and I won’t insult budget airlines by calling Spirit one. Spirit is the Ryanair of the US. None of the major carriers in the US charge for carry on bags.

  3. Emil Archambault says:

    Ummm…why are musicians prime targets? They will have to pay these ridiculous and abusive fees like everyone else. It’s not a charge targeting musicians, it’s targeting everyone.

  4. Naughty Nigel says:

    Most airlines are only interested in the mass market. They don’t want anyone who might take a few more seconds to load or unload from a plane. Remember that 911 was partly caused by lax security in the interests of loading and unloading the maximum number of passengers in the shortest possible time.

    Airlines are not concerned that, for most people, there is no option but to fly long-distance. If flights are regularly full they would rather lose those passengers who take longer to board. They wouldn’t want to say that of course, but the exorbitant charges for carry on baggage say it for them.

    I hear one Irish airline operating in Europe is considering the use of electric cattle prods to speed up the boarding process. I wonder which airline that might be? :)

  5. Marguerite Foxon says:

    On Tiger Airlines in Australia you pay for everything imaginable including a seat (better seats cost more but no seat is free). I felt like say “no thanks, I’ll stand, like I do on the train”.

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