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A visit with Dinu Lipatti

The Romanian pianist Luiza Borac, who has recorded her compatriot’s music, visited his home this week – and found it almost, but not quite, deserted. Here’s her report:



A Day In Paradise


A Sunday afternoon under the Romanian sun, and I am heading to Fundateanca, which used to be the summer residence of one of the greatest pianists of all times, Dinu Lipatti (1917-1950. Not far away, Daria, a little girl pianist, has the same idea simultaneously. Neither of us knows whether the Museum will be open, what or who are we going to meet there. Both of us have one wish: to breath Lipatti’s air at Fundateanca and play a Chopin Waltz on his Bechstein piano. And there we meet, unplanned, in the mirific surroundings of the Romanian countryside, where Lipatti came to rest, compose and practice between his world concert tours, in his beautiful residence at Fundateanca.

‘Dinu, dès son arrivée à la campagne, s’installa au piano Bechstein que son père lui avait acheté, et fut enchanté de la résonance. Il était en pleine évolution comme on le voit sur la photo à son Bechstein. Il était enfin heureux, à la campagne, délivré du protocole de la ville, dans les belles forêts odorantes, le parc, le gazouillement des oiseaux, les bêtes, les paysans, tout le charmait et c’est là, à Fundateanca, qu’il aurait voulu passer toute sa vie’.(Anna Lipatti)

No entrance fee, no postcards, brochures, books, souvenirs or CDs of the greatest Romanian pianist who became a legend, “a pianist like no one, with attributes of an angel”(Walter Legge), “a second Enescu” (Paul Dukas), whose playing “had nothing earthly anymore” (H.v. Karajan), “embarassed by his own genius” (Clara Haskil). At the museum one cannot hear or purchase any of the famous piano recordings which mesmerized generations music-lovers and became best-sellers around the globe. Instead of Lipattis music only the sun, the fotos and the sound of barking street dogs. A small one-room museum, simple and intimate.

But there he is, Dinu Lipatti, the ‘Prince of Pianists’ in photos and newspaper cuttings mirroring his life and glorious career. And there it is, his beloved Bechstein grand piano, where he practiced and composed.

For one day in Dinu’s world, meeting Daria, playing Lipattis piano and breathing his spirit of beauty and joy. One day in paradise.



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  1. how beautiful – thank you Luiza for posting this memorable reflection

  2. Beautiful story!!!! A question: There must be a way to purchase the original music of Rumanians like Lipatti and Enescu, yes? In the case of Enescu, for instance, there is a gigantic and overwhelmingly lush and beautiful Nocturne for Piano. Can someone tell me how to obtain this work?

  3. Petros LInardos says:

    In what condition was the piano?

  4. Rosalind says:

    Very atmospheric report, thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Lovely, inspiring. Thanks for posting, Luiza Borac and Norman!

  6. Lisa Ho says:

    Dinu Lipatti is my favourite pianist, and to know he is still remembered not only in his recordings, but in this lovely residence where he used to live and work. is very touching. May he never be forgotten.

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