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A venerable viola player passes on, at 96

David Schwartz, principal viola of the Cleveland Orchestra at 23 and Pablo Casals’ viola of choice, has died just short of his 97th birthday. He was a member of the Paganini and Yale Quartets. Wikipedia has an informative profile.


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  1. squirrel says:

    RIP a fine and valued player

    Nota bene: Schwartz did not found the Paganini quartet by any stretch. The French enemble had two different violists in its heyday (Robert Courte and Charles Froidart) and was relatively defunct by the time Schwartz joined them for some recordings on small labels in the late ’60s.

  2. Edward Murphy says:

    I presume he would have played with Szell and Gingold as Concertmaster?

  3. RIP David Schwartz. I had the pleasure of being coached in a string quartet by him at California Institute of the Arts. He was a very fine player and a kind man.

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