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A new Mozart Effect: premature babies prefer him to Bach

Research on a group of 12 prems at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov hospital suggests that, given the choice, 30-week infants would rather listen to Mozart than to Bach.

Professor Dror Mandel director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Ronit Lubetzky, deputy head of Pediatrics, divided the babies into three groups and played each group Mozart on the first day, Bach on the second, nothing on the third. After 10 minutes of Mozart, the babies’ metabolic rate dropped by 9.7%. In Bach it was down 4.5%. In silence, even.

Professor Mandel concludes that Mozart may be beneficial to the development of early babies. He told Haaretz newspaper: ‘Lowering the metabolism rate of premature babies causes them to lose fewer calories and increase their weight faster, which is a positive state.’

Only Mozart can do that, apparently.



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  1. David Boxwell says:

    Other conclusion: Playing Salieri just makes them cranky.

  2. the poor babes didn’t hear Wanda Landowska or Casal or Fournier!

    probably too much G Ghoul -’bach’…..?

    My son jumped in lively rhythm to the second Duet during my wife’s pregnancy….It still remains one of his favorite Bach pieces!

    and Bach’s wives had many children, and many of them lesser geniuses themselves….

    Oh, well, …better than ‘heavy-metal or rap…”

    like comparing apples with pears, two sublime geniuses!

  3. Martin Locher says:

    Well, the babies might have lost less calories because they were bored by Mozart. So they actually prefer Bach.

  4. Daniel Ramos says:

    Maybe Bach’s music needs mature babies… Would be interesting to know to which works did the babies listen to.

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