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A country that welcomes musicians and their instruments

The violinist Linus Roth, landing in New Zealand, sends a happy message:

linus roth

Could it please be this easy in all countries for all musicians (also in Frankfurt airport for Asian looking violinists):
New Zealand customs officer: Oh a musician- sweet!
Me: Yes, violinist. Do you want me to declare and import the instrument officially as “professional equipment”?
Customs: no, what for..?! As long as you don t want to sell it, there’s no need.



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  1. lovely, s o m e islands are havens …Iceland, for example..and even with New Zealand part of the UK/US et al surveillance syndicate, amazing. and normal!

    Hope Kristian Z and our Berlin cellist visit there too

    n o ‘Homeland (in) Security(sic)’… …yet!’

  2. Marguerite Foxon says:

    NZ customs/immigration are the fastest and most pleasant I’ve encountered anywhere in the world.

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