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Will the last EMI artist please turn out the lights

My Album of the Week on features the very last artist to be signed by EMI Classics before it was shunted off to be dismantled by the asset strippers at Warner. The artist is a 19 year-old American of Chinese extraction who plays both piano and violin, and also composes.

I listened very intently to see if he had anything to say, and gave the album a very rare one-star rating. Read the review here.

This is the way the world ends, the world of Artur Schnabel, Horowitz, Backhaus, Michelangeli, Solomon, Barenboim, Argerich…. shattered glass.


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  1. the world or their income of D Barenboim and M.Argerich has not been ‘shattered’ or by a n y financial barometer’ ended . They are very much ‘alive’, playing. and being recorded, DVD, CDs et al.

    nor the heirs , if any, to those mentioned. who are deceased.

    SONY’s star, RIP,. G Gould, still raking in fortune for them…

    The regrets should be made for the many victims, most lving, of the monopolistic and pirate activities of the ‘majors and quite a few ‘minor’ labels who always gypped their ‘artists!

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