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When a musician decides to dump you….

So, it’s like this…

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  1. Very, very clever. But what about those lustful souls who would feel unsatisfied without the old flame, and have the financial means to maintain a ménage à trois? After all variety is the spice of life, even for cellists.

  2. I felt SO bad for her– and him too. And I love her purple case.

    As the owner of a 64-year-old piano that is going to need major surgery within a few years, I can really relate to this. We may find it necessary to end our long relationship at that time. But happily, my guitar and my lutes should last at least as long as I do.

  3. Well. it.s sorta like that old commercial about St. Pauly Girl Beer: You never forget your first
    cello girl, wooden only in substance but not in voice/ Pmce she finds the way to help you Help her sing
    you will be having a celli-a-deux relationship[ for life…her wooden hips notwithstanding…..
    Carl Meigs

  4. Reggie Benstein says:

    Nicely done !
    I wonder if our main character recorded all the parts to the Tchaikovsky, and if so, was it with the “former’ or the “new” partner?

  5. Stephen Llewellyn says:

    What is the piece that is played at the end?

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