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Video: It’s heartbreak when your bow breaks… (not for the nervous)

This is the young Andreas Reiner, in 1978. He was using a borrowed, precious bow. Years later, he saved up enough to buy the owner a replacement.

andreas reiner

The pianist is Jean-Yves Thibaudet with Hilversum Radio Orchestra in the Mendelssohn double concerto. The footage is from Dutch television.

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  1. Dean Wiliams says:

    It may have been precious, but I think its time was up. Mr. Reiner did not seem to be pressing hard on the bow at all, in fact it seemed that he had been pressing harder earlier in the video. Usually if there is a knot or a strong grain line that goes through the bow, it can cause a weak spot. I looks to me like a stress fracture on a weak spot caused by years of use. It was not the fault of Mr Reiner, he was simply using the bow at the wrong time. What is great about this is that he felt enough responsibility for what happened to make amends. It speaks volumes about his character. Well done, Mr Reiner.

    • I concur with Mr. Williams. Sometimes careless handling of the bow during rehairing can speed up stress fracture as well.

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