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UK fails in bid to deport orchestral fraudster

Cameron Poole, who stole £648,000 from the London Philharmonic Orchestra while serving as its finance director, has won his bid to stay in Britain after leaving prison on the grounds that deportation to Australia would infringe his human rights to family life.

Poole, who was jailed for four years in October 2010, was divorced by his wife but claimed the right to see his children. The LPO won a court order on the Poole family home, which it sold to cover the missing funds. The orch was cleared by the Charity Commission of responsibility for the theft.

I guess Mr Poole won’t be working in the orchestral sector any time soon.



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  1. Gary Carpenter says:

    There’ll be a job in the City…

  2. Ah, his ‘uman rights. Pity courts can’t decide what ‘family life’ entails; when defendants fall short, then out they go. We really don’t need more fraudsters here; we have enough already.

  3. Alexander Hall says:

    It’s more than a pity that these days lawyers and courts are so blinkered that they can only see “human rights” and no “human responsibilities”. Like not defrauding your employer out of thousands of pounds and thereby risking the livelihood of dozens of musicians. Oh that we may live to witness other values in this twisted society of ours.

  4. Rosalind says:

    Why on earth can’t his kids travel to Australia to see him? Or communicate via Skype etc? Hope the Government appeals this ludicrous decision.

  5. What, barely a million euros? That’s nothing, I know of an orchestra in Lisbon where his “work” would be a great improvement.

  6. Michael Schaffer says:

    Pretty ironic that given that once upon a time, they used to send their convicts to Australia…

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