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Trending: Riccardo Muti performs a hockey song

First it was Lorin Maazel cheerleading for Bayern Munich.


Then a conductor in Duisburg, Armin Klaes, decided to raise morale for his sinking team.


Last night, Riccardo Muti, in ice-hockey gear, performed the Blackhawks anthem with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Not, rhythmically speaking, their finest hour.

Watch here.



muti blackhawksmuti blackhawks

Press release from the CSO:

CHICAGO—Dressed in a personalized #19 Blackhawks sweater, Riccardo Muti, the eminent music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO), today led the musicians of the world-renowned orchestra as they showed their support of the Chicago Blackhawks’ pursuit of another Stanley Cup by performing a classically inspired rendition of “Chelsea Dagger,” the song traditionally played at the United Center after every Blackhawks’ goal.Leading the Orchestra much like the Blackhawks’ #19, Jonathan Toews, leads his team on ice, Muti and the CSO succeeded in giving the song nuances not heard in the original version. The performance, which was recorded and will be given to the team, preceded today’s rehearsal of Verdi’s Four Sacred Pieces in preparation for upcoming concerts on June 20 through 23 at Symphony Center.

“The CSO musicians and I are happy to honor and support another home team, the Chicago Blackhawks, with our music,” said Muti.  “They are a world-class hockey team, and we hope this recording demonstrates our support of them and their desire to bring the Stanley Cup back to this great city. As I keep hearing and seeing everywhere in Chicago, ‘Go Hawks!’”

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  1. Alexander Hall says:

    Shock, horror, awe! That as aristocratic a musician as Muti should descend to such subterranean depths of the world of show business indicates either that he really has sold his soul for ever to the CSO or that he is beginning to suffer from senile dementia. While he was at La Scala he would never have contemplated doing anything like this for Juventus or Inter Milan. Sic gloria mundi……

    • Baloney! I worked closely with this man as I interned as a pro conductor, many, many years ago. I learned SO MUCH from this genius of a Maestro. But he was a regular guy and put his pants on… just like everyone else!

      • Muti actually does not normally follow sport, including European football in Italy. But he enjoys the excitement of playoffs and championships in city’s where he is working or with which he is associated. What Roderick, David, and J said. Everything else is just nonsense.

      • What Elzabeth said!

  2. Istvan Horthy says:

    Towards the end of his life Sir Georg Solti conducted the Chicago Symphony orchestra and chorus, with audience participation, in a rendering of “Bear down, Chicago Bears!” in support of the city’s football team. He didn’t wear any special gear but it wouldn’t have bothered me in the least if he had.

  3. “Bear Down, Chicago Bears!” was performed, recorded, and released as a brief Decca LP by Solti. the CSO, and the CSO Chorus in January 1986 (the LP was issued two months later) in the run up to the U.S. football Super Bowl championship that the Bears won that month. Solti was just 73 (he died almost 12 years later) and he embraced the related paraphernalia, even, on the LP cover, wearing a cap with a stuffed-toy bears’ head, his dress tails, and a tremendous smile.

  4. Roderick Branch says:

    For every out-of-touch, affected sneer on this page, Maestro Muti and the CSO gain new fans with this fun and lighthearted outreach to a hockey-mad community in the throes of cheering for their home team during a very well matched Stanley Cup. As a bargain, absolutely worthwhile.

  5. Following up on Andrew’s post, that recording of Bear Down, Chicago Bears that Solti did with the CSO and Chorus in 1986 was also reissued on the orchestra’s 1998 Radiothon fund-raising release, “From The Archives, Vol.13: The CSO Chorus: A 40th Anniversary Celebration,” a 2-CD set (for the collector-types out there). And I for one love the Muti/CSO rendition of that goofy Blackhawks “goal” tune, but then, I am a Chicagoan…

  6. Reggie Benstein says:

    Maybe, just maybe he watches hockey … it IS the best game in the world, after all, and Italy has their own league.

  7. J Magill says:

    You know, I agree that Muti has, and should have very high standards for his art. However, it should be noted that the CSO is one of the symphony orchestras in the country not going bankrupt or reducing number of concerts. Look at the Europeans – their orchestras are a part of their society. So should ours be.

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