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The most unbelievable record covers of all time

We have shown you some of the worst classical efforts and, yes, they are truly excruciating.

But this Russian collector has come up with a set of covers that will strain your credulity to snapping point.

Here are some of the more printable ones:

trash rec1

I just shot my artist


I’m about to strangle the next artist


At last, an artist who makes no wardrobe demands


… and loves animals…



Sheet! what has she done to my parrot?

Enjoy the complete series here

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  1. Bizarre!

  2. This one might qualify as a Danish (or Norwegian?) version of “American Gothic”:

  3. SergioM says:

    I’ve got to admit they’re good

  4. Can only assume you’ve never seen the Handsome Beasts or their 1981 effort. Takes the biscuit for me. Unpleasant does not do it justice.

    Shame not to mention Spinal Tap’s infamous ‘Smell the Glove’ cover. ‘You should have seen the cover they wanted to do. It wasn’t a glove, believe me.’

  5. Referring to a previous post: some of these women need to listen to more Beethoven.


    PS: I rather like the Bernini-esque resonances of the first cover. Music for pleasure indeed!

  6. David Boxwell says:

    What, no Yma Sumac covers?!

  7. Jean-Claude Bazinet says:
  8. robcat2075 says:

    The hair, the clothes, the teeth… digital downloads can never give us what LP record covers gave us.

  9. José Bergher says:

    My favorite cover has always been the one with Birgit Nilsson as Salome.

  10. Tatiana says:

    The best part in Russion sets is captions. Incredible funny!

  11. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    A couple of nasty malaprops on Classical album covers:

    Nicolai Ghiaurov Sings BRASS Arias (Decca London)

    Bela Bartok: The Wonderful Tangerine (Everest US)

    Gustav Mahler (The Good Earth)

    There was an hysterically funny story about this very pretentious “intellectual” in San Juan, Puerto Rico, called Nilita Vientós-Gastón, who would schedule herself, every year, to do a solo soprano recital at the Puerto Rico Atheneum, to which only “cognoscenti” would be invited. She would attempt to sing a wider range of music than any reasonable soprano would keep in her fach, but, no matter, the concerts went on until she scheduled the grand final one…

    She arranged publicity in all the island newspapers, and the largest Spanish-language newspaper on the island at the time, published the ad for the concert as:






    Yes, the “I”" was dropped, from the ad for the final concert, ever… The word means exactly the same in English and Spanish… LOL

    I was shown the newspaper clipping by Jesús María Sanromá, former head of Piano Performance at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, former pianist of the Boston Pops. .

  12. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    Also… the “GOOD EARTH” album was, YES, Das Lied on Everest…


    Check for the album cover for an ESQUIVEL RCA LIVING STEREO ALBUM,

    Other Worlds, Other Sounds… A woman in an Esther Williams bodice, with silk veils, cavorting on the airless Moon… No kidding…

    You can see that one on AMAZON

  13. Chester says:

    The complete series is marvelous. It’s as if Luis Buñuel and Diane Arbus got together one night and decided to create the creepiest and most tasteless album covers they could think of.

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