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Scandal at the Wagner Society: They are plotting to dump Dame Gwyneth

Members of the London Wagner Society (est. 1953) have been spluttering over their tankards all week at news that the Committee want to depose Dame Gwyneth Jones as president, a post she has held for the past 23 years. The Committee have informed members of their dark intentions.

Their letter, leaked to Slipped Disc, begins in suitably sonorous tones:

Dear Members

… Many of you have told me that we have had tghting in the past and that the Society needs to leave conflict behind and operate in a more constructive and cooperative way.

Hey! This is a society devoted to Wagner. What else do you expect?

The Committee finds itself in fundamental disagreement with the President – not, I understand, for the first time over the last few years – over how the Society should be run.

Getting warmer.

The immediate issue is the Committee’s decision in pril this year to change the format of our annual bursary.

Oh, is that all?

We acknowledge that we were at fault for not informing the President promptly and that she had to find out from a third party. 

She must have read it on Slipped Disc.

We believe it is time for the President to stand down, and we have suggested that she do so. She has not responded.

There’s going to be a Special General Meeting on July 11 with daggers drawn.

In the email corespondence between the warring parties, Dame Gwyneth issues a nuclear warning. The London Wagner Society, she says, ‘will  isolate itself from Bayreuth and all the other International Wagner Societies because it was the wish of Richard Wagner, the Founder of he Stipendiumstiftung, that the Wagner Socieities Worldwide should support the RWS in order to find new talent for the Bayreuth Festival.

Yo-ho, to-ho.




UPDATE: Dame Gwyeth strikes back. Click here.

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  1. I haven’t belonged to the Wagner Society for years – actually ever since I asked if there were concessionary rates for unemployed people, and was told ‘Oh no, we don’t have YOUR SORT in the Wagner society’. Nothing like a bit of refreshing honesty!!
    I’m a pensioner now, perhaps they will NOW let me rejoin at a concessionary rate??!!

  2. Rosalind says:

    Don’t mess with Brünnhilde, it will only end in tears…

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