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Philadelphia Orch’s on-board video nears 2 million hits

It’s the latest viral classic -the impromptu Dvorak string quartet played by four members of the Philly when their plane got grounded in China. The Youtube video has obtained 1.94 million viewings after widespread coverage on US news networks. Should reach 2m before the weekend’s out.

philadelphia china



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  1. Now, if this could only translate into more dollars and better funding for the orchestra to strengthen its economic base and build its endowment.

  2. Stephen says:

    Unabashedly classical. Musicians performing in what could be nearly the worst possible circumstances- cramped, close, virtually no eye contact- audience literally breathing down your neck. And the reason for this-? To possibly make everyone a little more comfortable in an undesirable situation.
    It should be viral and an object lesson for us all.

  3. They’re LOVING it and I’m LOVING it!! BRAVI!!

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