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Orchestra fortunes: LPO up, LSO down

We’ve been studying the accounts of two London orchestras to the year ended July and August 2012.

The London Philharmonic shows increased earnings of £1.3 million to £10.6 million, accountable to extra touring and a £400,000 VAT tax rebate.

The LSO, which lost out on summer touring when it was on Olympic duty, made £16.4 million, down from £17.7 million the year before – and this despite a £550,000 VAT rebate.

It’s tough out there.

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  1. robcat2075 says:

    Is this “earnings” revenue or the profit after costs?

    Are both these orchestras financed entirely by operations or is there some benefactor subsidy (government or private) that chips in as with American orchestras??

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