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New video: Who’s the concert pianist in this software ad?

It’s getting a lot of continental airtime, but we can’t identify either the actor or the soundtrack in this advertisement for Swiss software. Is he a real pianist? Who’s playing here?

All is revealed here.

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  1. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    No clue but I like revolutionary nature of the ad. If the software can make me sound like that, I’m buyin’ it. The pedaling is so subtle that he never appears to move his feet, LOL.

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  2. Could it be that no one is playing, that the whole performance is virtual?

    In a year or two it may be impossible (as already with sound) even to tell if the image is human or a composited representation.

    Should this frighten us or reveal fantastic realms of possibility for musical exploration, dreamt of by Varese and Schaeffer decades ago but unachievable until now?

    Perhaps when listening practice catches up with compositional enquiry we can even find new sonic shorthand for “virtuosic” than the one metre shelf of C19th (Austro-German) “works” ???

    Living in hope, Mawson

  3. Reminds me slightly of Leonid Kuzman. But not sure. Nice gig there!!

  4. He could pass for a young Leslie Howard (the pianist, not the ill-fated actor).

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