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New video: Who said you can’t improve Stravinsky?

Meet the phenomenally gifted Youtube star, Victoria Hart.

A self-styled ‘mathemusician’ with a questing mind, Vi is restlessly inventive and prolifically articulate. If you want to sound like Stravinsky or Schoenberg without violating copyright, you must – yes, must – watch this video.


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  1. David Baltuch says:

    Wonderful video, filled with very inspired insights into the human brain! Brilliant!

  2. Julian Porter says:

    Let’s see, her explanation of serial practice is incorrect in several details. For one, her claim that one can revert to the previous note of the series is incorrect. For another, a strict twelve-tone composition, at least according to Schoenberg’s rules would have only one series, and not one in the voice and one in the accompaniment. She also entirely neglects the need for control over the vertical aspects of the composition in a serial composition. In other words, her ‘pure twelve tone music’ is a travesty of serialism. Which is probably intentional, given her regrettably philistine attitude to non-tonal music.

  3. jim sillan says:

    narcissistic trash

    and not nearly as funny as victoria thinks it is

    • I don’t know how funny victoria thinks it is, but I liked it, and I found it funny, and interesting.
      And knowing how much harder it is to create than to criticise, I hope she keeps going !

  4. Mathieu says:

    To my knowledge, Stravinsky only began writing dodecaphonic music at the end of his life (Agon and so forth). He could hardly be described as a proponent of serialism. Which makes it hard to understand why Miss Hart would single him out like that, instead e.g. of Schoenberg. There are many inaccuracies in the video but it’s an enjoyable watch anyway

  5. or maybe they reflect or rather echo an underlying pattern not unlike the ripples from a tear drop in a pool of water.

  6. Agreed that she did not fairly or accurately describe what Stravinsky or Schoenberg did with 12 tone methods; however, it’s worth it to see a video about abstract music go viral. I’m feeling pretty lonely writing 12 tone music these days. Let’s hope she inspires a generation of music students to actually go and listen to highly chromatic music instead of writing it off as an awkward phase.

  7. Robert Secrest says:

    The criticisms I have read here may be technically accurate. However, they strike me as the product of the ego
    frustrations of average minds, when confronted by a true multivalent genius.
    I’d like to see one of you come up with something so innovative and creative…

  8. Simply genius……..I can also see this as performance art. Wow! You are amazing Vi Hart!

    Please keep sharing your gift. Such a wonderfully beautiful, as well as intelligent way to look at music and art.

    Thank you!

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