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New video: Streisand sings for Israeli president’s 90th birthday

Who’s that other pres sitting next to Shimon Peres? ‘I’ve never sung this before live,’ says Barbra.

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  1. Many blessings upon their heads. Amen

  2. itrinkkeinwein says:

    … and what’s he doing biting a rose?

  3. Diego Theumann says:

    The other pres is Bill , the “cigar blower”.

  4. Hasbeen says:

    Streisand, always a class act !!

  5. Sylvia Quittman says:

    There is only one Barbra and the company she keeps is exceptional! Her voice brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.

  6. Talent, style, class and heart continue to emerge from this forever young and giving woman!

  7. Carole Kahh says:

    Barbara is a class act and is one of our People who touch and bring tears to our hearts.

  8. 2July2013

    Barbara Streisand, upon the 90th anniversary of Shimon Peres.

    She not only sounded great, but said something powerful with emotion and meaning,

    No doubt this was real and significant and the very best.


  9. Theodore McGuiver says:

    Barbra Streisand is the voice of the century – twentieth or twenty-first, it doesn’t matter. She’s exceptional because she always tells a story, no matter how short the number. If only we had more of her kind in the opera world…

  10. willy sy says:

    Uplifting, hopeful, inspiring, just awesome Streisand vintage.
    Three of my favorite people Streisand, Clinton and Peres.

  11. Iris M. Rosenberg-Cooper says:

    Babs still has a beautiful voice and looks great. Remember that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East. I am so proud to have the Jewish heritage.

  12. thank God for Barbra and for her keen support of my effort to rescue Raoul Wallenberg. Keep the candle burning as we seek the return of Wallenberg’s remains for a decent hero’s burial and for his courageous and sacrifice in saving the Jews of Budapest. Morris Wolff, author of “Whatever happened to Raoul Wallenberg?”

    • Michael Schaffer says:

      Is it actually known where Wallenberg’s remains are? I thought the circumstances surrounding his death are still a mystery.

  13. I love Barbara but my mother loved Judy Garland!!!

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